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How Brands Can Stand Out From The Crowd


Every entrepreneur wants their business to disrupt the market and break the mould. Aspiring entrepreneurs are inspired by successful people and strive to replicate their success in order to become a front-runner in their field. However, in a time where opportunities seem limitless, the competition is ever changing, and fiercer than it ever has been. The main obstacle facing a new business is how to strategically distinguish themselves from the rising competition and clearly convey this to the consumer.

So how does a brand stand out from the crowd? Consider the following strategies in order distinguish yourself as an industry leader.


Identifying a target market.

Identifying and connection with a target market should be the main goal whether that’s in product design, marketing or communication – trying to connect to the mass will generalise the product and brand voice.  The first stage should be identifying the target market characteristics, from their age to job to average salary. This then implements and shapes the product packaging and marketing, increasing sales and allowing brand loyalty to be gained amongst the target market as consumers interact and convert with the brand and product.


Aim to be unique, do the opposite from competition.

It’s an old market cliché – but, it works. Being unique and having a marketing edge allows you to attract customers and gain loyalty. To stand out, brands have to be willing to find their own strategy and take risks. Brands that take risks usually reap the rewards. This then results in gaining a consumer following for doing things differently – entertaining consumers and being known for a niche.


Be agile and ready to adapt

Agility is a term that has grown in popularity since the digital revolution. As a result of trends growing quicker than forecasters predict. To stay ahead brands must foresee upcoming market, consumer trends and forecasts before the competition. Adapting and infusing the correct trends can excel a brand, as consumers are willing to take their custom to another brand in exchange for the latest product or service.

Analysis of consumers and ongoing patterns is vital to stay ahead –  data is crucial and should be taken from social analytics, behavioural patterns in store and online and to foresee future changes before they evolve to stay ahead.


Personality is key

Brands should sell a story, a vision and represent values. Aiming to constantly Evolve and showcase a brand personality that attracts and retains consumers, whilst having a  brand story that showcases their unique edge. Consumers desire more than a brand name and logo, they want personality and human traits in order to trust a brand against competitors. There are several ways to showcase brand personality: through connections with other brands, the tone of the brand voice and how you communicate with customers. To aid the brand personality, social media should be optimised and be used to showcase, connect and reveal behind the scenes visuals and information of a brand whilst connoting brand values.


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