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Four Trends Influencing Packaging Design


Packaging design defines a brand and plays a crucial role in a brand’s value, growth, and market position. As a result of the digital revolution and the growing increase of consumers shopping online, packaging design trends are evolving more-so than ever. Brands need to take note of the evolving packaging trends that are taking place, to gain new customers whilst retaining their share of a cluttered market place.

Therefore, it’s so important to be aware of the upcoming trends in packaging in order to stay competitive and ahead of the game.


Clean and minimal designs continue to be a key design trend. Consumers are making a strategic connection that minimal packaging connotes luxury. Brands need to adapt and roll out unique designs that differentiate from competition whilst helping to form and support their brand identity. Good packaging protects your product; great packaging protects your brand. Strong, minimal packaging builds brand equity as consumers favour uncluttered designs that are easy to recognise and understand in their fast-paced environments.


Online packaging

E-commerce is at a continuous growth level; from luxury clothes to food shopping, consumers are supplementing brick and mortar for the convenience of online shopping. With over three-quarters of UK consumers say that in 10 years’ time, they expect to do a majority of their shopping online, according to Mintel Data Research. Packaging design isn’t just about the physical elements, digital environments also need to be considered in the design stage. As a result, new packaging designs need to consider: compact shape, designs made for shipping, robust designs and designs that can stand out and work well on screen and capture the consumers’ attention.


Smart, Active and Intelligent

Environmental and social ethics are key purchasing drivers, as consumers are becoming more socially conscious. Consumer ethics are influencing the growing drive for smart, active and intelligent technologies. Smart-activated packaging not only saves lives with regards to allergies but also engages, entertains and educates.

Three innovative technologies that are pioneering with technology are pioneering and being ‘smart, active and intelligent are’:

Smart labels, which are adopting and integration of mobile-enabled technology, allowing the consumers need for greater product information.

Colour-changing labels to indicate sell by and use by dates in a more clear and concise way.

Intelligent Designs, such as packaging that alters the packaging temperature and atmosphere to maintain drugs, food and product designs to keep the best quality and to keep consumers safe.



Consumers desire more. The next generation of packaging focuses particularly on generation X, focusing on packaging design as a bigger part of the brand and not just a mere extension. Packaging is growing and is now seen as a component that aids the creation of memorable and entertaining consumer experiences. A recent example is that of Nutella designing seven million different jars of Nutella, using an algorithm design to make dozens of patterns and colours to create unique and collectable jars, enhancing the graphic identity and encouraging the packaging to be seen as an art collectable. Alongside Coca-Colas’ packaging infusing brand values of  “happiness” and “sharing” with collectable bottles designed with an array of names for consumers to purchase to share, gift and collect, to the bow heart design encouraged to create an experience and make the consumer happy.


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