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Breakthrough Brands! What does that mean?


With all the changes brought by the digital era, some new types of brands emerged, trying to be successful and to differentiate from their competitors. The proliferation of technologies like smartphones, cloud computing and easy Internet access made it a lot easier to come up with innovative business ideas that can evolve into startup companies. On top of that, ad-blocks and applications that prevent consumers from getting exposed to an overwhelming amount of ads while browsing the Internet, are used more and more each day, which makes it harder for company to reach their target audience.

So what does it take to breakthrough in such a crowded market? To answer this question, we must have a look at the brands that survive this competitive marketing:  the startups, upstarts, challengers, problem-solvers, innovators, and category creators. Those are the ones that can combine great business ideas with strong brands, as the brand is what turns an idea into reality, translating the company’s mission in a way that the consumer can relate to.

These brands are the ones that know how to use all the new technology in their favor, creating immersive digital experience that revolutionize what people consider strong marketing and communication strategies. This takes a lot of effort, as it is necessary to get a deep understanding of the customers, and how they behave while using different kinds of technology and channels.

When you consider companies that break through, you don’t think just about bottom-line growth, you think about business interested in flourish and accelerate in: development, technology, connections, communities, business, people, and problem solving. Airbnb, Slack and Uber are only few of the tech companies that have “broken through” to compete among the titans with only a less than a decade of presence in the field.

So, breakthrough brands are essentially emerging brands that embrace innovation in their strategy, in order to be noticed in the digital era. Does your brand have what it takes to break through? Get in touch to find out how a partnership with us could help you achieve that goal.


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