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The private bank for the
most public people

The digital bank for a new generation of wealth

220, Second to None, is the world’s first Digital Private Bank who cater to an elite class of millennials holding over 24 trillion in wealth globally. The 220 platform aims to bring the service level of private banking to a new generation of wealth in the medium that suits them best, digital. Personalised plans, premium cards, client benefits and exclusive client networking.

220 needed a new brand strategy, visual identity and tone of voice that reinforced their unique position with the busy Banking environment. We were approached to create a brand identity that resonates with entrepreneurs and develops strong partnerships.

We set out to uncover the difficulties current millennials face within financial services relationships. We coupled these insights with customer interviews and market research to create an all in one convenient brand experience - a trusted brand who treats customers with the prestige they deserve where every brand interaction is a luxury.

The 220 wordmark is a contemporary sans serif with distinctive qualities: the brand’s signature break between digits, and its negative spacing to pair with the brand’s typographic language. The digits are inspired from original squared digital figures in a stencil style, as seen in traditional digital watches. We enhanced these lines with curved features to represent 220 being ahead of the curve and future focussed within the banking industry.

We used the Yoxall font family for communications. The rigid qualities of this typeface establish the sense of a digitally-led identity; while the softer and rounded characteristics suggest a personalised visual identity crafted towards the needs of its customers. A stripped back colour palette of Black and White with hints of gold are used to differentiate 220 as being a premium banking service.

We created the guidelines for a new brand strategy, visual identity and tone of voice that reinforces 220’s unique position with the private banking environment. This allowed further digital applications to be designed to align with the brand, ensuring consistency across all platforms (mobile, desktop, social, printing and so on) delivering the optimum premium experience for all customers.