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Comfort and style is never compromised

Azat Mard is more than a piece of clothing, it’s a mindset.

Azat Mard are a new contemporary menswear brand born from a desire to create luxury clothing and outerwear for the fashion-forward, powerful modern man. The name, Azat Mard translates from the Armenian language as ‘Free Man’. Freedom and self-expression are the driving forces behind the brand. The free man is a leader, a forward thinker and is never afraid to stand up and stand out.

Bringing to the table a colourful blend of backgrounds, cultures and experiences that inspired the beginnings of AZAT MARD we wanted to create a high-end brand that reflected the vision but let the collection do the talking. The new brand needed to target modern street wearing individuals who represented the different facets of the brand; freedom, history, family and power.

We started with creating an expressive tone of voice and messaging for Azat Mard which was determined by their personality. They talk like the daring and proud bourgeoise. They are bold, strong and aren’t afraid to express themselves making people stand up and take notice, but are still capable of being mysterious and elusive. Azat Mard is a more than a brand, more than a piece of clothing, it is a mindset and this is was the driver for the visual brand identity.

We looked at the debranding of high-fashion brands that are stripping their logos back to basic typefaces which allows the clothing to be the expression of the brand. The AzatMard word mark features sleek, elegant letterforms with contrasting weight’s. This stripped back minimal style allows for the brand to be used diversely across clothing, creating numerous forms of the word mark and brand stamp that works adaptively across the brand’s expressive style.