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To design a space is to understand the world
from every angle

Crafting with cultivation

Hailing from the north of England, Brass Architecture are a team of highly conceptual designers who bring a refreshingly open, down to earth attitude to their complex craft. Brass warmly welcome ideas of all shapes and sizes, from the highly conceptual to the purely functional. With a proven track record of producing award-winning designs, they’ll apply their technical and creative prowess fully to requests of any nature, from artistic installations that inspire wonder, to residential spaces that make the perfect home.

We were tasked with designing a visual identity that communicates Brass’s exemplary design showcasing their traditional techniques with carefully considered, elegant detailing. Context was paramount to them, the qualities and materials found at their sites are explored, tested and integrated to reflect and continue the story of the environment and so it was important to design a seamless and fluid identity that reflected this.

The branding conveys Brass’s design approach, exhibiting technical design and creativity. The dynamic icon is inspired by their offering of structured design that can be adapted to architectural builds of any shape or form. The ‘B’ is formed by lines that radiate from the shape of the letter and the structure of the triangular system, like joinery in construction. Graphic elements use the visual language of construction and building as a starting point. The triangular frames and line weights taken from the ‘B’ have been extended into a series of geometric patterns.

Our goal for the website design was to reinstate Brass’s passion about their craft and their relationship with human culture. Being proud of the designs they produce, they are creatives who prefer to show rather than tell which is why their website leads with creativity and follows with context.