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Made in Manchester. Worn all over the world

The Goal

Private White V.C. wanted to reach and convert new audiences using paid advertising channels with a secondary objective of driving more footfall to their stores and sample sales.

The first stage of the project was digging deep into historical purchase data and analysing the different personas who bought from Private White V.C. and how offline purchasers differed from online purchasers.

Once we had a clear vision of who was buying from them, we analysed the threats and opportunities of each paid channel.

Using Google and Bing Pay per click (PPC), we added protection from competitors bidding on the Private White V.C brand as well as creating first interactions for people searching for highly relevant keywords with purchasing intent.

Facebook's ad network was a channel where we could hyper-target the personas we identified based on their luxury online purchases, interests, online behaviour and geographically target them with bid adjustments based on how competitive the market was.

We then architected a framework of creative which would be unique to each user where content would automatically appear in people's Facebook and Instagram feeds based on their reaction to the creative and the behaviours they have taken on the website.


Why would people resonate with the Private White V.C. brand? The question had to be asked for each persona, and we generated ad content based on the pillars of what mattered to customers.

History. As the last remaining clothing factory from the world's first industrial city (Manchester), we have a remarkable story to tell. The creative focused around the extraordinary history of the factory and why they have chosen to source their materials locally.

Quality. Private White V.C. has everything they need under one roof and takes total ownership of the entire manufacturing process with a skilled workforce who have been honing their skills for over 100 +years. When you buy from the brand, you KNOW it's quality.

Lifestyle. The luxury utilitarian clothing attracts a specific clientele. We demonstrated this through creative highlighting the A list celebs who regularly adorn the clothing to the stylish everyday customers who purchase from the brand grounding Private White V.C. as an accessible brand.

01Introduced 2,178,182 relevant people to the brand worldwide.
02Strong returns from new audiences.
03Most successful sample sale ever.