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The tap that does it all

Leading boiling tap inventors Quooker approached Noir to lead their paid media strategy. The appointment came at an exciting and vital time for Quooker, coinciding with the launch of their incredible new product and TV ad campaign for 'The Cube'.

"Noir showed us the untapped potential of social advertising from it's targeting capabilities to dynamically creating tailor-made journeys based on our potential customer's needs and actions. We're looking forward to a fruitful long term relationship with Noir".

Why was Noir needed to support TV advertising? Key audiences are getting harder to reach with TV alone with 3X more ad spots required to reach 80% of audiences compared to 10 years ago.

We used the demographic and interest data from the TV campaign research and plugged it into Facebook's Ad network allowing us to expand on relevant reach.

Using segments within Facebook for direct and brand search traffic during the TV ads run times, we made custom remarketing funnels based on different users personas. Over the next 60 days, these people were shown tailored content based on their behaviour on and off Quooker's website, which nurtured them to conversion.

01Reduced purchase time lag from TV consumption to purchase
02PPC brand protection recovered traffic and revenue lost to competitors
031000+ new audience brochure requests per month